The Order of Curse-Bound Knights Blog Tour

Book Blurb for The Order of Curse-Bound Knights 

(book 4 in The Fateful Series)

A dying knight, the infamous Sir Maximilian…

He is saved by a curse. That curse makes him even more dangerous…and he likes it. To him, a new life as a vampire is an appealing thing.

The man who turned him into this great, fearsome warrior tasks him to watch over and protect his mortal daughter, Nadia. But the beautiful Nadia puts Max’s skills as a knight to the test, captures his heart, and bewitches him with eyes of emerald green. A power more potent than any magical curse.

Inspired by ballads of Robin Hood, Nadia is a bit too rebellious for her own good. And with a kind heart, she is much too trusting and forgiving for Max’s peace of mind, because those attributes get her into a great deal of peril. Deadly creatures surround her—some of them are there to protect her and some want to lure her into a trap—and she has no idea…

But can a knight in shining armor heal a lady’s heart when her love for the legend of Robin Hood is used against her?

Author Cheri Schmidt

BioCheri is the bestselling author
of Fateful. Think “The Vampire Diaries meets Jane Austen.” Fateful is
followed by Fractured, Forever, and The Order of Curse-Bound Knights.
And she has one other book in another series out entitled, Fair Maiden.

Fateful Series has been a bestseller ever since she published it, and
well over a 150 thousand copies have been downloaded worldwide.

will say that her head is a very crowded place, and she wishes she
could write faster. She will also tell you that if you do not like
glittering fairies, hot vampires with British accents, knights in
shining armor, the dashing Mr. Darcy, girly-girls who wear skirts,
modern-day vigilantes, or large amounts of snogging, then perhaps her
stories are not for you.

Currently she is working on
The Trapping Club, a sequel to Fair Maiden, a contemporary/spy romance
series, and a Steampunk series.


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