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Rebecca’s Biography:

Rebecca Weeks is a British author currently living in Leicester with her Fiancé Kevin and cat (Kitty). She has always loved reading and writing. Growing up she loved the Harry potter books (like most of us) and has followed JK Rowling from a young age. Reading fantasy inspired her to write fantasy as well. Growing up in Devon gave her the inspiration for her book as it is full of folklore, myths and legends. She started reading at a very young age and believes that reading is the greatest escape from reality.

The two places she would love to visit would be New Orleans and New York. As well as writing, she also owns a business making and selling fine jewellery online, owns her own blog where she talks about myths and legends and at the end of 2014 she will be attending university to study her BA Honours degree in English literature.

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Book Blurb: Elizabeth’s Betrayal Dark beginnings

1666: A young girl named Elizabeth is cursed with vampirism after being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her innocence stolen, the centuries pass and she has evolved into a monster.

In present day England she meets Jordan and instead of becoming yet another of her victims, she feels something for him, something not felt for over a hundred years. But will the return of the warlock Lorcan destroy everything? Dark beginnings is Book One in an enthralling trilogy; Dark tales filled with black magic, voodoo, warlocks, witches, Limnades and vampires. In a world where everyone believes these creatures don’t exist, will anyone be safe from the evil that humans have forgotten?

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