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Sarah’s Biography

Author Sarah Jane Butfield was born in Ipswich, and raised in rural Suffolk, England. Sarah Jane, is a wife, mother, nurse and now a published author. Married three times with four children and three step children she is the modern day mother to her ‘Brady bunch’ but she loves every minute of their convoluted lives.
Fulfilling her childhood dream and becoming a nurse, was just the start of her amazing journey. Her nursing and teaching qualifications would take her around the world, enabling her to work in all fields of nursing, education and management. However, after 27 years as a nurse Sarah Jane has now achieved another long held ambition, that of becoming a published author of two travel memoirs.
Glass Half Full: Our Australian adventure was her debut travel memoir, but she is also a published freelance magazine journalist and blogger, in the healthcare and writing arenas. The sequel, Two dogs and a suitcase: Clueless in Charente, was published in June 2014.
In addition to her travel memoirs she is currently working on a series of self-help books for people facing challenging life events and tough family situations. The books are based on her real life experience of divorce, bereavement, child custody issues, migration, parenting, etc.
final 2 dogs cover
Book Blurb: Two dogs and a suitcase: Clueless in Charente
It is September 2012 and we are now in the Charente, South West France. We could not have imagined that we would find ourselves moving from the UK to Australia in 2008, and then to France in 2012. I believe that there is always something positive to come from any negative situation or experience. However, in 2010, an unexpected negative influence on my life presented itself in the form of a road rage car accident and PTSD. I struggled for a long time to find the positive from that event. Two years after the accident and with the lengthy legal process now complete, the financial compensation sits in our bank account. We decide to fulfil another long held dream, that of renovating a small cottage in France.
Two dogs and a suitcase is what we have and where we are. This book, the sequel to Glass Half Full: Our Australian Adventure, follows our French exploits as we endeavour to rebuild our lives in another new country, after spending four and half years in Australia. Our goal, or hope for the immediate future, is to focus positively on the present, so that we can start a new, optimistic future back in Europe.
Our main aim is to be nearer to the children, leaving the dark clouds of the challenges we faced in Australia as a distant memory. Journey with us as we arrive in rural South West France; enjoy my reflections, thoughts, and observations about my family, our new surroundings, and our lifestyle. Follow the journey of my writing career and how we start our renovation project while managing our convoluted family life. Once again, we will laugh, cry, and enjoy life to the fullest with a generous helping of positive spin thrown in for good measure.

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