Double it Thursday Meme



Double it Thursday is quite simple. Each week on Thursday we’ll ask you a question (Mostly book related) Now, when answering you get to put two answer (hint the double part!). For example, favorite author.  1. J. K. Rowling 2.Terri Blackstock

Give two answers to the question of the week. Please feel free to make it any way you want to; add pics and/or GIFs. Pleaseuse either the banner or the photo and a link back to us somewhere in your post. Then just InLinkz it up to that week’s post! Read others, get more views and have fun! (Don’t forget to add the rules to your post!)

In case of wondering why we named our meme Double it Thursday it’s quite simple. Think back to that time when someone asked you what your favorite (as in one) author or book was and many answers come flying to mind, while with us you get to the choice of picking TWO! Making it a bit easier, but not much, as there are some many amazing choices in this world. Below you’ll find dates and the questions for that week. Once again have fun!

JayLyn Double it Thursday

August 14, 2014 – Favorite female lead character?

1. Theresa “Message in a Bottle” by Nicholas Sparks

2.  Bella “Twilight Saga” by Stephanie Meyers


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